Benefits of Islahi Majlis WhatsApp Group

1. Ask anything about Islam. Even those questions which you hesitate to ask others
2. Answers from Authentic Scholars 
3. Stay updated with Islamic Current Affairs
4. Beautiful Islamic Posts
5. Quiz
6. Exclusive Helpline for Girls
7. Islamic Counseling
8. No Disturbance with Unwanted Messages
9. Open to all
10. Its Free

Group Regulations

1. You may ask any question as long as it is associated with Islam
2. You are not permitted to response to other’s questions. only scholars will answer the question
3. if you want to asking question anonymously: You may message directly to
a) Molana Irshad Ahmed: +91 60015 15907 or
b) Fatima: +91 81093 52183 (Girls-Only)
4. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Offender will be removed without warning
5. You are not allowed to forward any message/ IMAGE/ video or link

Group K Usool​

1. Islam k mutalliq aap koi bhi sawal kar sakte hai.
2. Sawalat k Jawabaat sirf ulema hi denge, aap dusro k sawal ka jawab na de
3. Agar aap sawal k waqt apne aak ko zahir nahi karna chahte ho to aap message kar sakte ho
a) Molana Irshad Ahmed: +91 60015 15907
b) Fatima: +91 81093 52183 (Sirf Khwateen)
4. Gair munasib alfaz ka istemal karne per aap turant group se nikal diye jayenge
5. Kisi bhi tarah ka forwarded Message/ Image/ Video/ Link share karne ki Ijazat nahi hai

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Internet: A blessing from Allah swt

In this digital world, Allah swt has made it ease for us to access and learn Authentic Islam. We have to avail it or we will be answerable on the day of resurrection.

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