Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are?

We are a group of passionate Muslims who works in order to please Allah swt by bringing a revolution on Islamic Education System. Online Islamic Institute is just a part of our mission. We (management staff) all are self sustained (Alhamdulillah) and do not take any penny from the income of institute. That’s why we are able to provide world class education at such a nominal price.

Who are the teachers at OII

We have the best of teachers here with our Institute. We just don’t try our best to select Excellent Aalim, Qari & Huffaz but we train them to meet all the expectation from you. We are very strict on our teacher’s to give you nothing less than best.

Do we have female teachers?

Yes, we have qualified female tutors for girls and women.

How do we recruit and train our teachers?

We have a dedicated team led by Molana Siddik Ahmed Sahab, who are always in strive of searching most suitable candidate to join our dedicated team. Then we provide them one month of intense training (with stipend) and test them at the end of training. We do continue with them only if they qualify with our standards else we take excuse from them.

But our effort to provide you best doesn’t ends here. Our Quality team keep monitoring them throughout the year by various means.

How do we maintain our Quality?

Here at OII we do understand that Quality is paramount requirement and surprise visits to the class, analyzing ‘sabaq video’ made by them, taking surprise test of students, monthly test of students by other ustad, Final exam by Mufti Hammad Ahmad Sahab and taking regular feedback from parents/ students by Parent- Teacher meetings and google forms (parents provide feedback anonymously)

Is group class possible and successful in online classes?

Absolutely, we have also evolved with experience as all the teachers we have were one offline teacher. Being experienced in both online and offline classes we can say that we are not compromising on the Quality of online classes and sometimes we are getting better results in online classes than offline.



What are the efforts toward delivering Moral education?

Online Islamic Institute doesn’t intend to teach Arabic only. We strive for providing “Moral Education along with Quran and Hadith”. Here is the few practical ways to enhance morality in kids during online classes:

  1. Every alternate Saturday is dedicated to Moral Education only.

  2. Deeniyat syllabus includes Moral story books named “Sachhi Kahaniya” i.e. True stories. This book contains life events from seerat-un-nabi and seerat-us-sahaba. The teacher dictates this story to kids to boost their Akhlaq.

  3. The teacher keeps reminding students about the pious activities that a person must do in order to please Allah swt.

  4. Deeniyat books have various checklists of sunnah and moral tasks which are checked by our students after accomplishment.

  5. During Ramadan, we do various activities which focus mainly on Akhlaq and Ibadah.

But our effort to provide you best doesn’t ends here. Our Quality team keep monitoring them throughout the year by various means.

What are the advantages of online classes over offline?

When considering Islamic Education there are a few advantages of online classes:

a) Less chance of absenteeism by teachers and students.

b) Parents remain aware of the syllabus.

c) Easy to monitor by the Quality team/ Supervisor.

d) Classes can be recorded for future reference.

e) From the safety and comfort of home.

f) Students can join the class even if he/she is tired or minorly ill or busy.

g) Comfortable timings.

h) Affordable price.

i) Get the best quality teachers from all over the world wherever you live.

j) For people with transferable jobs classes don’t discontinue on transfer/posting.

k) Teachers will remain connected telephonically for a lifetime. (even when you graduate from OII).

l) Class will not get disturbed even if you visit some other place (hometown/holiday).

What is the 'daily sabaq video'?

‘Daily Sabaq Video’ is our specialty. The teacher sends multiple videos to the class daily which is the Sabaq of the day. These videos are very helpful for students to revise and memorize the lesson.

We often receive news from students where the whole family (even relatives) are learning deen with the help of these daily videos. In some cases, mothers who were absolutely unaware of the knowledge of Islam are now practicing a Muslim, and they tend to credit these videos for the change.



What is the specialty of Exclusive class?

An exclusive class or 1:1 class is not for everyone. We recommend students enroll in our regular group class. But in certain cases Exclusive classes are the best choice, like:

  1. When a student is too busy with various other commitments and can’t spare much time for classes.

  2. When the parents of the kid are too busy, they can’t help the kid revise daily sabaq.

  3. When the student is not able to cope with the syllabus even after additional efforts taken by the teacher.

  4. When a student demand some unique curriculum that is not available in the routine course.

  5. When a student can’t compromise with his timings or require a frequent change in timing.

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