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Online Islamic Institute offers Islamic courses for learning aspirants of all ages and gender.

Our Islamic courses are based upon Deeniyat Syllabus, yet we teach more than it.

“We not only teach you deen, but we try to inculcate deen in you.”

Indian Students

Our Online Islamic Institute is based in India, so we have some special benefits just for Indian students. The classes in our Online Islamic Institute are conducted in Indian languages only, making it easier for our Indian students to understand and learn. We want to ensure that our Indian students feel comfortable and at home while studying with us. So, if you’re from India and looking to learn more about Islam, our Online Islamic Institute is the perfect place for you!

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02. For Students Outside India

For our Islamic courses, we welcome students from all around the world! We believe that the world is like a big village, where everyone can connect and learn together. So, even if you’re far away from us, you can still join our Islamic courses. We want to make sure that everyone feels included, which is why we use English as the language for our Islamic lessons. You can be a part of our global learning community through our Islamic courses. We’re excited to have you with us!
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Online Islamic Institute

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