The Story Of Isa (Jesus)

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Let’s talk about Isa (Jesus) in Islam. It’s a special story about a prophet loved by many. In just five minutes, we’ll learn about his amazing birth, the things he did, and how his story is important to Muslims.

The Birth of Isa:

Isa’s story starts with his mom, Maryam (Mary). She was a really good person chosen by Allah to have a special baby. An angel named Gabriel told her she would have a son named Isa. It was a big surprise!

The Miracles of Isa:

As Isa grew up, he did things that amazed everyone. He could make sick people healthy again, help blind people see, and even bring dead people back to life! He did all these amazing things because Allah gave him the power to do them.

The Message of Isa:

Isa had an important message for everyone. He wanted people to believe in only one God and to be kind to each other. He taught people to be good, help those who needed it, and always do the right thing. His message was simple but very powerful.


Isa’s story is special to Muslims because it reminds them to be good and believe in Allah. Even though Isa lived a long time ago, his story still teaches us important lessons about faith and kindness.

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