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10 Names of Allah SWT

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Let’s explore the beautiful names of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, in Islam. In just a few minutes, we’ll learn about ten of these names and what they mean, helping us understand Allah’s attributes and His significance in the lives of Muslims.

1. الرحمن (Ar-Rahman) – The Most Merciful:

Allah is Ar-Rahman, which means He is full of mercy and compassion. He showers His kindness and blessings upon all of creation, regardless of their faith or actions.

2. الرحيم (Ar-Rahim) – The Most Compassionate:

Ar-Rahim describes Allah’s specific and continuous mercy towards His believers. He is always ready to forgive and guide those who seek His mercy.

3. الملك (Al-Malik) – The Sovereign:

As Al-Malik, Allah is the absolute Ruler and King of everything in the universe. He owns everything, and His authority is supreme.

4. القدوس (Al-Quddus) – The Holy:

Al-Quddus signifies Allah’s absolute purity and perfection. He is free from any imperfections or flaws, and His essence is beyond human comprehension.

5. السلام (As-Salam) – The Source of Peace:

Allah is As-Salam, the ultimate source of peace and tranquility. He brings inner peace to the hearts of believers and promises eternal peace in the Hereafter.

6. القوي (Al-Qawiyy) – The Almighty:

Al-Qawiyy represents Allah’s immense strength and power. He is capable of overcoming any obstacle and protecting His believers from harm.

7. الوكيل (Al-Wakil) – The Trustee:

Allah is Al-Wakil, the one who takes care of all affairs. Believers trust in Him to guide them and fulfill their needs, both in this world and the Hereafter.

8. الحكيم (Al-Hakim) – The Wise:

As Al-Hakim, Allah possesses perfect wisdom and knowledge. He decrees with wisdom and justice, guiding humanity towards what is best for them.

9. الودود (Al-Wadud) – The Loving:

Al-Wadud reflects Allah’s boundless love and affection towards His creation. His love is unconditional and everlasting, comforting believers in times of need.

10. الغفور (Al-Ghafur) – The Forgiving:

Al-Ghafur highlights Allah’s abundant forgiveness and mercy towards His servants. He forgives sins and overlooks shortcomings, granting believers the opportunity to repent and seek His forgiveness.


The names of Allah encompass His divine attributes and qualities, providing believers with a deeper understanding of His nature and significance in their lives. Reflecting on these names fosters a stronger connection to Allah and inspires gratitude, reverence, and devotion in the hearts of Muslims.


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