What is the Evil Eye?

Is the Evil Eye Actually Haram? Blog by online islamic institute


Explore the Islamic perspective on the evil eye, a phenomenon rooted in envy and spiritual belief. Discover its significance and the means of protection within Islamic tradition.

Understanding the Evil Eye:

In Islam, the evil eye, or “al-‘ayn,” is believed to bring harm through envy or jealousy, affecting one’s well-being and prosperity.

Islamic Perspective:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasized the reality of the evil eye, urging believers to seek refuge in Allah’s protection.

Signs and Symptoms:

Affected individuals may experience illness, financial loss, or setbacks, prompting reliance on spiritual practices for protection.

Protection Through Islamic Practices:

Muslims seek refuge in prayers like the “Mu’awwidhatayn” and cultivate gratitude, avoiding reliance on amulets or pendants, which are considered contrary to Islamic teachings and is SHIRK *According to Sunni Muslims* (Associating Partners with Allah)

Navigating Belief:

Balancing faith and adherence to Islamic principles, believers trust in Allah’s exclusive power, refraining from practices that compromise monotheism.


In Islam, the evil eye serves as a reminder of unseen forces, prompting reliance on Allah’s protection and deepening spiritual connection. *Remember, It is considered SHIRK in some Maslaks*

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