Different meanings of Dreams in Islam

Dreams have always been a source of fascination and mystery in Islam. Many Muslims believe that dreams can carry important messages from Allah. Different schools of thought within Islam, such as the Sunni and Sufi traditions, offer interpretations of these dreams. Let’s explore some common dream signs and their meanings, supported by references from Islamic scholars and sources.

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Common Signs in Dreams and Their Islamic Interpretations:

  1. Seeing the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

    • Interpretation: Seeing the Prophet in a dream is considered a true and blessed vision. According to a hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari, the Prophet said, “Whoever sees me in a dream has indeed seen me, for Satan cannot appear in my form” (Bukhari, Book 87, Hadith 123).
    • Significance: This dream indicates a high spiritual state and strong faith.
  2. Losing Something in a Dream:

    • Interpretation: Losing an item can symbolize fear of loss or anxiety about an important aspect of life.
    • Significance: It often reflects concerns over personal or financial matters. Scholars suggest seeking patience and trust in Allah’s plan when experiencing such dreams.
  3. Drowning:

    • Interpretation: Drowning in a dream can signify being overwhelmed by life’s difficulties or sins.
    • Significance: Imam Ibn Sirin, a renowned Islamic dream interpreter, suggests that such dreams urge the dreamer to seek repentance and return to righteous living.
  4. Fire:

    • Interpretation: Fire in a dream can represent anger, conflict, or imminent danger. It can also symbolize purification and a test of faith.
    • Significance: According to interpretations, seeing fire may serve as a warning to avoid harmful actions and seek Allah’s protection.
  5. Flying:

    • Interpretation: Flying in a dream can signify freedom, spiritual elevation, or escaping from problems.
    • Significance: This dream is often seen as positive, indicating personal growth and spiritual ascension.
  6. Praying or Being in a Mosque:

    • Interpretation: Dreaming of praying or being in a mosque signifies strong faith and closeness to Allah.
    • Significance: This dream is seen as highly positive, reflecting the dreamer’s spiritual commitment.
  7. Seeing Water:

    • Interpretation: Clear water can symbolize purity and knowledge, while muddy water can indicate confusion or problems.
    • Significance: The state of the water often reflects the dreamer’s emotional and spiritual condition.


There are exceptions that the dream might be from your day to day life experiences and also from shaitan.


Dreams hold a significant place in Islam, offering insights and guidance to the faithful. Common dream signs such as seeing the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), losing something, drowning, fire, flying, praying, and seeing water are interpreted through various Islamic traditions. Sunni and Sufi scholars, along with sources like Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Imam Tirmidhi’s works, provide valuable interpretations that help Muslims understand the messages within their dreams. Reflecting on these signs can help strengthen one’s faith and navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity and trust in Allah.

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